Travels with Sushi In the Land of the Mind is out right now!

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There’s a brand new book out now called Travels with Sushi In the Land of the Mind by Eduard Shyfrin!

The story follows the adventures of Aaron and Stella who, after eating some magical sushi, journey into the Land of the Mind!

That’s a land traditionally governed by rules of mathematics and quantum physics, where forces of evil and chaos are taking over.

Aaron and Stella have been chosen because of their relationship to sushi and to the supreme number, phi, to save the Land of the Mind before it falls completely into the hands of evil.

Their task is to get to Memory Mountain, rescue the Book of Understanding, which contains all the rules on how to live a good life, and return it to the people.

On their journey to Memory Mountain the children overcome many difficulties with acts of love, courage, kindness, self-discipline, beauty, humility and righteousness.

At the same time they build a team of friends and followers, some of whom bear a close resemblance to historical figures such as Einstein and Socrates.

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