You Are Awesome and Dare To Be You by Matthew Syed!

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Find your confidence, become AWESOME at (almost) anything and DARE to follow your own path with YOU ARE AWESOME and DARE TO BE YOU!

From table-tennis champion Matthew Syed, these books are packed with inspiring and positive advice that will start you on a journey to achieving your dreams.

β€œI’m no good at sport… I can’t do maths… I really struggle with exams…” Sound familiar? Using inspiring real-life examples, You Are Awesome shows that with hard work, determination and practice, and, most importantly, a Growth Mindset, there’s no reason why anyone can’t achieve anything.

Continue your Awesome journey with Dare to Be You; discover the power of thinking differently and why there’s no such thing as β€˜normal’. When you stop doubting yourself, embrace change and let your kindness loose, you can become your own action hero.

Remember, You Are Awesome, so… Dare to Be You!

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