Get your disputes sorted out by Judge Bex!

All rise for the honourable Judge Bex and her gavel of truth!

Bex has decided to dust off her Law Degree (no really, that’s a thing she has!) and bring the court room to her show!

Do you have a dispute with your parents, friend, or sibling that you need settled in the court of Bex?

Then get in touch!

You can get in touch with anything you disagree about.

Maybe your parents are withholding pocket money unfairly? Maybe your sibling is blaming you for losing their favourite toy? Maybe your best friend didn’t complete their dare properly?

Whatever it is, Bex wants to know!

How does Bex’s court work?

Bex and her team of ace attorneys (well, Robot if he can be bothered) will be reviewing each case with a fine tooth-comb and handpicking the ones she want’s to try in her court.

Once selected we’ll be in touch with your parents to arrange the trial.

Then we will get you and the defendant into Bex’s video court room where the trial will commence!

Bex will hear all the evidence before deciding who’s right and dishing out her judgement.

Watch past cases…

Frankie Vs. Mum – 18th January 2021

How do I take part?

Grab a parent and get them to help you fill out the form below.

Remember to make sure you have a parent with you to help you fill out this form.

Note to parents: This is a fun feature designed for children and parents to settle small disputes in an entertaining way. Every Judge Bex case requires the permission of parents before we broadcast them on Fun Kids.

Judge Bex Regular Form

Details of the case

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Child’s Details

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