Five Minute Fun: Playing with colours!

We're sharing fun five minute activities!

We’re sharing a load of fun, five minute activities to get you and your little one moving during Fun Kids Junior!

They’re from the guys at Five Minute Fun, who believe it’s possible to keep your little one entertained without tiring yourself out or spending lots of money!

One way you can stay entertained is with loads of colours!

Swoosh rainbow: create a beautiful rainbow with one big sweep!

You’ll need: a washing up sponge, paper, paint

They paint the colours of the rainbow in stripes across the sponge.

Then they swoosh it in a rainbow arc. It works best if they press down on the sponge. That’s it!

Rainbow handprints: turn a handprint into a colourful picture!

They paint their hands with rainbow stripes and print! Then they can turn their prints into colourful fish and birds.

To make this peacock…

You’ll need: paint, a hand, coloured paper and googly eyes

They paint the rainbow on their hand and print.

Draw and snip the peacock’s body from coloured paper.

Draw and snip some feet and a beak from yellow paper.

Assemble the peacock and give him some googly eyes.

Collect the rainbow: set the kids a challenge!

Send the kids off to collect things that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink.

Challenge them to turn a table floor into a rainbow… and then put it all away again!

If you liked this, there are loads more activities on the Five Minute Fun website!

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Images and words: Sara Conway

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