Five Minute Fun: Seaside inspired makes!

We're sharing fun five minute activities!

We’re sharing a load of fun, five minute activities to get you and your little one moving during Fun Kids Junior!

They’re from the guys at Five Minute Fun, who believe it’s possible to keep your little one entertained without tiring yourself out or spending lots of money!

One way you can stay entertained is with shells and seaside treats!

Tip: If you’re not heading to the beach, you can pick up bags of shells from high street craft shops.

Cute crab: it’s easy to make this snappy friend

You’ll need: a shell, red paint, googly eyes, play clay

First your child paints the shell red.

Now they mould legs and claws with the play clay.

Finally, they stick on the googly eyes and assemble their crab.

In his shell: create a turtle with a real home on his back

You’ll need: a shell, blue paint, green paper, glue, googly eyes, a black pen

First your kids paint the shell blue.

Now they draw the turtle’s body, head and arms and cut them out.

Then they give him a smiling face.

And stick the shell on his back!

Beach necklace: for small adventurers

You’ll need: a shell, a blue gem, glitter, glue and string

First, your kids pop glue in the shell and sprinkle in some glitter.

Then they stick the gem inside.

Finally, they glue the string to the back of the shell.

Once dry, you can tie the necklace around their neck.

Tip: We always save gift bags if we’re given presents in them. We didn’t have string today so took the handles off a wine bag – it was this lovely shimmery blue! Shame the wine had long gone…

Sail to sea: a shell provides the base for a little boat.

You’ll need: a shell, play clay (or sticky tack), coloured paper, glue, a short stick (collect one from outside)

Ask your child to make the sail first. They put the stick on coloured paper and draw a triangle that’s about the same length. Then they snip it out.

Now they glue the triangle to the stick.

Finally, they pop play clay in the shell and stand the sail in it.

Shell fossil: a simple, but effective make!

Your kids press the shells into play clay to make their own little fossils.

If you liked this, there are loads more activities on the Five Minute Fun website!

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Images and words: Sara Conway

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