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What happens at RAF Lossiemouth?

The Dambuster, Boeing P8A Poseidon, and more!

There are loads of places around the UK which are associated with Britain’s aerospace industry. Some of them might be near to where you live!

Today Amy is in Lossiemouth – or rather RAF Lossiemouth! Did you know RAF stands for Royal Air Force?

You’ll find RAF Lossiemouth on the eastern coast of Scotland. It’s been home to aircraft for nearly 80 years.

Lossiemouth was originally built to train pilots in the Second World War – when the air would have been filled with the sound of Hawker Harts and Airspeed Oxfords.

One of the most famous raids launched from Lossiemouth was the ‘The Dambuster’ Squadrons attack on the Tirpitz, pride of the German battle fleet in November 1944.

The airfield at Lossiemouth still echoes with the sound of aircraft…

RAF Lossiemouth is a fast jet base, providing crews and aircraft 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to protect the UK’s airspace. It’s home to some of the most advanced jet planes in the RAF – with squadrons of both Tornado and Typhoon fighters based here.

Lossiemouth will soon be home to a brand new type of maritime aircraft. Nine Boeing P8A Poseidon’s will be based here from 2019.

These cutting edge planes will help to gather information from sky and sea. As well as being able to undertake search and rescue missions, they’ll also carry torpedoes and other defence hardware.

With over 3,000 people based here, Lossiemouth is certainly an exciting and busy place to be!

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Discover something amazing! See what you can find...

More From Fun Kids Learn