Behind the Scenes at the Airport

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Your Bag’s Journey Through the Airport

Learn all about life behind-the-scenes at the airport!

Birmingham-Airport-FrontWelcome to Behind the Scenes at the Airport where we show you all the amazing things that happen from arriving at the airport to flying in the plane.

On this page we’ll be telling you all about the journey your luggage goes on!

You see, luggage like your suitcases need to go into a different part of the plane because imagine 200 people all trying to carry bulky baggage to their seats!

brimingham-airport-checked-luggageAnd so when you check in at the airport, you hand over your luggage and the staff at the airport make sure it’s on the plane ready to fly on holiday with you – all thanks to the Baggage Handling System.

So while you’re going through security and hanging out at the departure lounge, what’s your baggage doing?


Just like you, your bag’s journey starts at the check-in desk. Here it’ll get a special barcode with all the info about you and your flight so they put your suitcase on the right plane!

baggage handling systemBaggage Handling System

Then it heads into the Baggage Handling System! This is like a city road network, but instead of tarmac roads, bags travel along on conveyor belts.

As your suitcase moves along, its barcode will be scanned along the way making sure it arrives at the right gate at exactly the right time – clever stuff! In fact, the system is so clever that if there’s a blockage, bags can be re-routed around diversions!

The Gate

Finally, once it’s at your gate, your luggage will be moved onto special trucks that will deliver the bags to your plane. If you look out your window on the plane, you might even see them loading your bag into the hold!

Baggage Reclaim

Once you arrive at your destination, your bags will be taken off the plane and put into another Baggage Handling System which will deliver your bags to the terminal and onto a carousel – a rotating conveyor belt.

You’ll be told which carousel to go to where you can watch for your bag to arrive. And when you spot it… grab it! Easy!

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Behind the Scenes at the Airport

Check out this Fun Kids series!

More From Behind the Scenes at the Airport