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Costing the Earth: How to save money on energy and electricity!

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Values, Money and Me helps you explore the world of money, and the choices we all have to make to look after the money we have.

Listen to the story below, then try each Consequence Challenge to see how your choices work out.

We use energy in our homes and that can cost money – and there’s a cost to the environment too.  

In this episode Mum helps Dale and Kyle think about ways to make savings.

What is the best way to save money on energy?

A Help your family pay the electricity bill with your pocket money

B Sit in the dark so you don’t have to use the lights

C Make lots of little energy saving changes around the house

It’s C. You don’t need to sit in the dark! Small changes can add up to big savings – what small changes you could make at home?

Which of these things will help to save energy?

A Fill the kettle to the top

B Only put a little bit of water in the kettle – enough for the drink

C Let the kettle boil for longer

B is the correct answer.  Only boil as much as you need, this uses less energy.

If you want to save energy what should you do with the television when you finish watching it?

A Leave the television on with the sound off

B Leave it on standby by pressing the off button on the remote control

C Turn the TV off at the switch or the plug

Did you choose C?  Well done! Turning of gadgets when you’re not using them is a great way to save energy.  Look out for “standby lights” they’re still using energy – If you turn the TV off completely at the plug it doesn’t use any energy at all.

Which of these do you agree with most?

A I can help to save energy and can do my bit for the planet

B What I do won’t make any difference to saving energy, I am too small

C It’s up to the government to save the planet, not people like me

A is the answer here. Everyone counts!  The changes you make, however small, to save energy will add up, and combined with others we can reduce the harm to our planet – and save money too!

What is the most environmentally friendly way to dry wet washing?

A Put it in the tumble drier

B Hang it outside on the washing line

C Switch on the heating and put it on the radiator

B is best.  Tumble driers use up loads of energy.  It’s not very environmentally friendly to use the radiators, because the heating uses energy to work and costs money to run! The sunshine and breeze are completely free! And very environmentally friendly (remember to put on your sun cream before spending a lot of time outside).

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Values, Money & Me

Meet with some of the people in the Pride Place Community!

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