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Do the right thing: What should I bring to a charity auction?

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Values, Money and Me helps you explore the world of money, and the choices we all have to make to look after the money we have.

Listen to the story below, then try each Consequence Challenge to see how your choices work out.

In this episode, Lily has to make some choices about what to bring to a charity auction at school.

The better the donation is, the more popular she’ll be, but the item she chooses ends up getting her into trouble…

If you give something to a charity auction, is it better if it is…
A. Something expensive
B. Something broken
C. Something you don’t need any more

Did you pick C? Well done! Donating expensive items is kind, but if it doesn’t belong to you, always ask!

It’s safest to donate your own unbroken items, especially those you don’t use any more.

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If someone says, “it isn’t worth much, but it is precious to me,” what do they mean?
A. It didn’t cost a lot when it was new but now it’s worth a lot of money
B. They have very special feelings for it
C. They are not allowed to sell it

It’s B. The feelings we have about certain items, especially those from a special time, can be precious – even though the item itself might not be worth any money at all.

Do you have a favourite teddy, or photograph?

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If you do something wrong, what is the best thing to do?
A. Keep quiet and hope nobody finds out
B. Own up after about a week and say sorry
C. Own up as soon as possible and say sorry

C – This one SHOULD be easy! Even if it’s difficult to do, it is better not to leave it too long to own up!

If you want to play with someone else’s things, what is the right thing to do?
A. Just do it – they won’t mind
B. Ask first
C. Ask only if they see you with their stuff

The right answer is B. It can make someone feel very upset if you touch their stuff without asking.

It’s always best to ask first if you want to play with something that isn’t yours.

Which of these things is something money can’t buy?
A. Cleaning the house
B. Kindness and thanks
C. A games console

A or B are the right answers here.

Chores might take some time and effort but if you can do them yourself you don’t need to pay for someone else to do them!

Kindness and thanks are free but can be worth a lot – think about how nice you feel when someone is kind, or does some chores for you?

What could you do for someone else?

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Values, Money & Me

Meet with some of the people in the Pride Place Community!

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