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How to raise money for charity!

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Values, Money and Me helps you explore the world of money, and the choices we all have to make to look after the money we have.

Listen to the story below, then try each Consequence Challenge to see how your choices work out.

In this episode Sue and Leon are trying to figure out the best way to earn money for charity.  

This means they need to think about the job in hand, what equipment they’ll need and how long it will take.  They decide car washing is the best idea. Even still there are dilemmas ahead

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How should you wash a car?

A From the front to the back

B From the bottom up to the top

C From the top down to the bottom

C. Top to bottom is best.  All the water will wash away downwards so will keep the cleaned areas clean.

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If it takes one person 20 minutes to wash a car, how many cars could 2 people wash in an hour?

A 4 cars

B 6 cars

C 40 cars

How’s your maths?  The right answer is B. One person can wash 3 cars in an hour, so two could wash 6 cars.

What is a bank account?

A A story about a bank

B A special report banks have to write for the government every year

C A special place for a person to keep their money safe with a bank

It’s C.  People can use their bank accounts to do lots of things like paying bills, saving up for holidays or paying for everyday things using bank cards.

If you are raising money for charity and you buy yourself something small out of the money you raise – is it okay?

A Yes, it’s always okay as long as it’s something small

B It’s never okay to spend money meant for charity on yourself

C It’s sometimes okay if you raise a lot of money

Did you choose B?  That’s the right answer!  All the money you raise, (except for the things you’ve had to buy to do the job – like sponges and soap) must go to the charity – even if you raise more than you thought you would. People won’t be very happy if they gave their money to a good cause and you spent it on yourself

What skills would help you get a job as a team leader / manager?

A Being good at shouting at people

B Solving problems and helping people to work well together

C Getting other people to do all the jobs you don’t like

It’s B.  It is important to treat people well and respectfully, even if you are the boss.

One job a manager does is to help the team work well together.

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Values, Money & Me

Meet with some of the people in the Pride Place Community!

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