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Top 10 Facts About Engineering!

Here are our favourite 10 facts on engineering that might have you thinking of becoming an engineer when you grow up.

Did you know we have a brand new series called Engineer Academy: A-Z of Engineering?

In the series we explore some of the most awesome things that engineering can build and create.

From bridges to motorsports to wind farms.

You can listen to the series here.

Here are our favourite 10 facts from some of the most incredible feats of engineering, that might have you thinking of becoming an engineer when you grow up.

1. Engineers decide how much water a water slide needs.

swing pool slide

Thank an Engineer for that water slide!

Yes! Water slide engineers are real!

A water slide uses a pump to circulate water to go down the slide, and getting the right amount is important. An engineer will also make sure that the ride can take the weight of people without breaking.

2. Engineers are helping combat climate change.

white electic windmill

Technology created and built by engineers is helping stop climate change.

From building the infrastructure for green energy like wind farms to new techniques like firing water canons in the arctic to rebuild ice – engineers being creative in their thinking is providing hope for the future.

Find out how tunnels are built!

3. Engineers helped to save lives in the pandemic.

During the pandemic engineers were doing a lot to save lives.

When there was a shortage of ventilators, a type of equipment that helps patients breathe, engineers stepped in.

A big problem was sourcing all the necessary parts โ€“ they either couldnโ€™t be made quick enough or couldnโ€™t be sourced at all because of lockdown.  

Engineers therefore stepped in – using reverse engineering techniques to deconstruct the key components within ventilators  to work out how these items could be made faster or in different way.

As a result, many new ventilators could be built within weeks.

4. Engineers are in charge of explosions on film sets.

gray water plane toy

Ever seen an action film with a giant explosion followed by a giant robot crushing a car and then the superhero swooping into the scene from the sky? Well these kind of stunts are all designed and planned out by engineers.

The film industry uses engineers to create complex props and various special effects that move, exploded, burn, and fly.

5. Engineers are making football fairer.

timelapse photo of soccer player kicking ball

VAR and goal line technology makes football fairer and ensures that the right team gets the right amount of goals.

This technology is designed and maintained by engineers – how cool!

6. Engineers build pretty much everything!

cars on road near city buildings during night time

Engineers build houses, bridges, hospitals, traffic lights, factories – you name it!

7. Engineers are the reason humans have been into Space

gray spacecraft taking off during daytime

All successful missions to space have one thing in common – they have amazing engineers making the whole thing possible.

Engineers work on everything from building the rocket to calculating the flight path for take off!

8. Engineers have created artificial hearts to help people with heart issues.

Engineers help fix things that go wrong with our bodies. Engineers are the ones who created artificial hearts and other replacement body parts!

9. Formula 1 engineers make the cars go faster!

white and orange f 1 car toy

Formula 1 is all about racing the fastest and having the best car is so important. Teams of engineers will work on making cars faster as well as having the best wheels, brakes and everything else.

10. Engineers design our toys.

orange and multicolored LEGO toy set

Engineers are behind the designs for LEGO as well as the house your barbie lives in, the remote control car you got at Christmas and probably everything in your toy box.

Find out more on the amazing jobs engineers do in our podcast, Engineer Academy: A-Z of Engineering here.

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