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Top 10 Facts About UK Police!

Want to find out about the police? Check out these 10 facts...

Want to find out what police actually do? From the bustling streets to cosy villages, it’s time to find out about our real-life heroes. We’ll discover how police officers keep our communities safe, solve mysteries, and help people in need. Let’s learn about all about the awesome work of UK police officers.

1. The first police force in the world was started in London in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel.

Sir Robert Peel wanted to make sure everyone felt safe and protected in their neighbourhoods.

So, he created a team of people whose job was to keep the peace and help anyone who needed it.

These officers became known as “bobbies,” after Sir Robert Peel’s nickname, and they wore uniforms and walked around the streets, making sure everything was okay.

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2. The Crown Prosecution Service is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police in England and Wales.

They work closely with the police to decide whether there’s enough evidence to charge someone with a crime and then take those cases to court.

The CPS plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system by ensuring that cases are prosecuted fairly and effectively.

3. There are special people called Police and Crime Commissioners who help decide what the police do in different areas.

Police and Crime Commissioners work behind the scenes to keep our neighbourhoods safe.

They’re special people who listen to what everyone in the community needs and wants to feel secure. Once they understand what’s going on, they team up with the police to make plans.

Together, they decide things like where police officers should go, what problems need fixing, and how to make sure everyone is treated fairly.

4. There are different levels of police officers including constables, sergeants, and inspectors.

In the police force, there are different levels of officers, each with their own responsibilities.

Constables are the entry-level officers who patrol neighbourhoods, respond to emergencies, and keep an eye out for any trouble.

Sergeants are the next level up. They supervise constables, provide guidance, and lead small teams of officers.

Inspectors are higher-ranking officers who oversee larger areas or specific departments within the police force. They’re responsible for managing operations, investigating serious crimes, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly within their jurisdiction.

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5. There’s a special police force that looks after trains and transport all over the UK.

Did you know there’s a special group of police officers who keep an eye on trains and other forms of transportation all across the United Kingdom?

They’re called the British Transport Police.

These officers make sure trains, buses, and even stations are secure for everyone who uses them. They patrol the train stations and ride on trains to make sure everything is running smoothly and to help anyone who needs it.

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6. Police dogs are trained to help officers.

Police dogs are specially trained to help officers in all sorts of situations.

One of the amazing things they can do is find missing people. Just like how dogs can sniff out their favourite treats, police dogs can use their incredible sense of smell to track down people who are lost or in danger.

They’re also really good at catching bad guys. With their sharp senses and fast reflexes, they can chase down criminals and help bring them to justice. So, whenever police officers need a little extra help, they can count on their furry friends to be right there by their side, ready to lend a paw!

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7. The police use helicopters!

Police officers sometimes use helicopters to help them do their job better!

Just like how birds can see things from high up in the sky, helicopters help police officers see what’s happening on the ground from way up high.

They use helicopters to search for missing people, track down criminals who are running away, or even to give a bird’s-eye view during big events like parades or protests.

So, when you see a police helicopter flying overhead, you know that the police are working hard to make sure everything is okay!

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8. The police have a big computer called the Police National Computer to help them with their work.

Did you know that the police have a super smart computer called the Police National Computer?

This special computer keeps track of lots of important information, like details about people, cars, and even things that have been stolen.

So, when the police need to find out something quickly, like if a car has been reported as stolen or if someone has been in trouble before, they can use the Police National Computer to find the information they need fast.

9. The police have special teams called detectives who investigate crimes by gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.

The police have special teams called detectives.

Their job is to investigate crimes by gathering clues and talking to people who might know something about what happened.

They use all kinds of cool tools, like fingerprint kits and cameras, to help them find out what really happened.

When they gather enough evidence, they work with other police officers to make sure the criminals are caught and brought to justice.

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10. There’s a group called the National Crime Agency who help catch really big and bad criminals.

There’s a special group called the National Crime Agency.

Their job is to catch really big and bad criminals who do naughty things all around the country.

The NCA use their special skills to track down criminals who might be hiding or doing sneaky things.

They work closely with other police officers and even other countries to make sure the bad guys are caught and everyone stays safe.

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From the Tudors to rocks to fish, we have all the best facts right here!

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