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Top 10 Facts About Boxing Day!

Do you want to learn about Boxing Day? Well you've come to the right place! Check out these 10 facts...

Boxing Day is a public holiday celebrated in many countries around the world on 26th December. It is an important cultural and commercial event, often seen as an opportunity for family and friends to gather and exchange gifts. This holiday has its own unique traditions and customs, which vary from country to country. Here are 10 facts about Boxing Day that you may not know. From its origins to its modern-day customs, find out more about this special day.

1. Boxing Day is celebrated on 26th December.

Boxing Day is celebrated every year on 26th December.

That’s the day after Christmas!

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2. It is celebrated by countries across the world.

Boxing Day isn’t just celebrated in the United Kingdom!

It is also celebrated in lots of former British colonies that are still part of the Commonwealth.

This includes Australia, South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago.

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3. There is no official reason as to why Boxing Day is called Boxing Day!

We are unsure of the origin of the name Boxing Day but there are some theories.

One theory is that there were boxes placed around churches for people to donate to the poor.

Another theory is from the 16th century. Working class people would hope to receive Christmas boxes from people they had worked for.

It must be something to do with a box!

4. Boxing Day is a great day for shopping.

If you have some Christmas vouchers to spend then Boxing Day could be one of the best times to spend them.

There are lots of discounts to be had on Boxing Day and going into the New Year.

You might notice that it is very busy in your local town at this time.

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5. There’s always lots of sport to watch throughout the day!

If you’re a sports fan then you’re going to like this!

On Boxing Day there is often lots of sports to watch including football, rugby, cricket and horse-racing.

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6. In 1833 Boxing Day was first published in the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Oxford English Dictionary is the place to go for the correct use of the English language.

The term ‘Boxing Day’ was first published in it in 1833!

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7. If Boxing Day falls on a weekend then Monday is a bank holiday.

If Boxing Day falls on a weekend then all is not lost!

We get a bank holiday on the Monday after to make up for it.

An extra day to eat leftovers and play with your Christmas presents. Woohoo!

8. Boxing Day is also Saint Stephen’s Day!

Boxing Day falls on the same day as Saint Stephen’s day.

This is mostly celebrated in the Republic of Ireland.

Saint Stephen is the patron saint of horses, which is one of the reasons there is horse-racing on Boxing Day!

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9. It used to be traditional to go fox hunting.

On Boxing Day it used to be a tradition for some people to go fox hunting.

However, this is a thing of the past as it is now illegal in the UK.

10. Boxing Day has been a bank holiday in the United Kingdom since 1871.

Boxing Day has been around for a long time!

It has been a bank holiday in the United Kingdom since 1871.

That means no school, no work and no banks are open!

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