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Top 10 Facts about Organs!

Do you want to know about your organs? Well you've come to the right place! Check out these 10 facts about organs...

The human body is an amazing and complex system with many parts that work together to keep us alive and functioning. Our organs play an important role in this, providing us with the means to breathe, eat, and filter out toxins from the food we consume. We are exploring the most interesting facts about the human organs and their functions.

1. Your brain doesn’t feel pain!

Did you know that your brain doesn’t feel any pain?

This is because it has no pain receptors in it.

This is really handy because the brain can sometimes be operated on by surgeons whilst you are awake.

This is useful to make sure the operation is going to plan!

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2. Your heart beats around 115,000 times a day.

Your heart works very hard all day.

In fact, it beats around 115,000 times a day to keep your blood pumping around your body.

You need your heart to stay alive and live a healthy life!

Click here to find out all about heart health.

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Learn more about the heart below!

3. The lungs take the oxygen and put it into your bloodstream!

Have you ever wondered how the oxygen gets into your bloodstream?

It goes into your lungs, and into tiny blood vessels.

From there it goes straight into your blood!

Find out more about breathing.

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4. The stomach breaks down food using chemicals.

When you eat, your food ends up in your stomach.

From there, your stomach will break down the food using digestive juices and acid!

This breaks down the food but it also gets rid of harmful bacteria which can make us ill.

5. An adult bladder can hold up to 400ml of liquid!

Have you ever wondered how much liquid your bladder can hold?

An adult bladder can hold up to 400ml of liquid!

For the liquid to reach the bladder it can take up to 2-4 hours… or 9-10 hours for an adult!

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6. Your liver can regenerate!

Did you know that your live can regenerate? This means it can repair itself and grow back!

You can give someone who needs a liver transplant some of your liver.

What is left of yours will grow back!

Now that is a clever organ.

Listen below to learn about the liver.

7. The biggest organ in your body is the skin.

Believe it or not, the biggest organ is our skin!

The skin is very important as it protects all of our muscles, bones and organs!

We also wouldn’t be able to have the sense of touch without it.

The skin also regulates our body temperature!

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8. Some organs are called hollow organs.

Some of our organs are known as hollow organs.

This is when they have an empty space in the middle.

It includes organs like the stomach, intestine and bladder!

9. The kidneys will filter your blood.

Your kidneys are very important as they filter out all of the waste in your body.

It takes it off to the bladder where it will come out in your wee!

They also return vitamins, amino acids, glucose and hormones into the body.

10. Your intestines get all of the nutrients from your food.

Have you ever wondered how your body gets all of those nutrients from the food you eat?

The nutrients that help you grow and become strong?

These get taken from your food and into your body as they go through your intestines!

Did you know that the small intestine is up to 6.5 metres long?!

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