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Top 10 Facts About Recycling Plastic at Home!

Learn about the things you can and can't recycle at home...

Hi, I’m Monty! I come from a planet where we don’t recycle plastics.

You should see the mess! 

So I’m learning from the experts here on Earth on what I should be doing. Come on, you can help me find out more! 

Your home’s a treasure trove for recycling. When it comes to throwing things away, the only tips we want to see are some TOP TIPS to help us make sure our waste isn’t… well, wasted!


Toothbrushes, whether rigid or part of an electric toothbrush, and things like plastic hairbrushes can’t be recycled at home but can be at your local recycling centre. 

Otherwise, they need to go in your general waste bin. 

Also, check your toothpaste packaging.

Squeezy tubes must go in your general waste bin.

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After you’ve had your bath or shower, make sure you recycle any empty bottles of bubble bath, shower gel and shampoo, then you can make a clean getaway! 

Pump action soap bottles can be recycled too, and remember, leave the pump top on!

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When you get a new toy, and it comes in a combination of a plastic moulded shape and cardboard backing.

The cardboard and plastic need to be separated before it can be recycled at home.

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Find out more at Pledge 2 Recycle!


Blister packs that pills and tablets come in, can’t be recycled in your household collection. 

Empty blister packs must go in your general waste bin. 

And for safety, always get an adult to handle these packets.

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Things which come in spray bottles, like cleaning spray can be recycled at home. 

If you make sure any pump tops and caps are still attached that means there’s a greater chance they’ll be recycled too!

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You might not be old enough to shave but if someone in your family shaves, remind them to recycle their shaving gel containers when they’re empty. 

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The plastic film packaging that toilet rolls come in isn’t recyclable at home.

But some supermarkets collect plastic bags and wrapping for recycling in store.

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Once you have finished playing with your plastic toy, if they do not have too many other materials in, they may be recyclable, but not at home.  

You will need to take them to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) if they are broken and can’t be repaired.

If they are still in good condition, best thing is for them to be enjoyed by other children so see if you can donate them to your local charity shop.

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Find a location to recycle here.


Bubble wrap is great at protecting the contents of parcels and should be collected with your plastic bags and wrappings to take to a supermarket for recycling. 

You might want to have a pop at it first though, not only will it save space but is great fun!

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10. BAG IT UP!

Plastic bags can’t be recycled at home but some supermarkets collect them for recycling. 

Remember that bags for life, whilst they are recyclable, can be exchanged for a replacement when they’re worn out so you’ll never be without a bag!

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Out of this world! 

Why don’t you have a look around your house and check that your family is on the right road for recycling. You can find out more at Pledge 2 Recycle.

Learn more top tips by clicking here!

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From the Tudors to rocks to fish, we have all the best facts right here!

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