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Top 10 Facts about The Iron Age!

Do you want to learn about the Iron Age? Well you've come to the right place! Check out these 10 facts about the Iron Age...

The Iron Age is an important period in human history and it marks a significant point in the transition from the Stone Age to the modern world. It was a period of great cultural and technological change, and it saw the development of metalworking and the rise of new kinds of societies. We will take a look at some of the most interesting facts about the Iron Age. We’ll explore how iron changed the world and how it was used in everyday life. We’ll also look at some of the great inventions of the time.

1. The Iron Age was between 500 BC to 43 AD in Britain.

The date range of the Iron Age varied across the world.

This is because different parts of the world started to use iron at different times.

However, Britain was in the Iron Age between 500 BC to 43 AD.

2. Iron became popular and was what was mainly used during this time.

During the Iron Age, iron became the most popular material to use when making tools and weapons.

It was even used to make things like cooking pots and nails!

They decided to use iron because it is much stronger than anything used previously (such as stone and bronze).

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3. People were ruled by warrior Kings!

Back in the Iron Age, people used to live in clans.

These clans belonged to tribes and were lead by warrior Kings.

Life was dangerous back then as rival tribes would battle against each other using the dangerous weapons they had made.

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4. Coins were invented.

Have you ever wondered when coins were first made?

Coins were first invented in the Iron Age.

They were made from gold, silver and bronze.

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5. Iron was used to make sharp objects!

Iron was much stronger than bronze and was able to make sharp objects.

To shape these objects they would have to heat the iron and hit it with a hammer to shape it.

6. The most popular job was farming.

The main form of income in the Iron Age was farming.

This is what most people did as a job.

The other main jobs in these times were potters, carpenters and metalworkers.

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7. Grain was stored in granaries and storage pits.

Once the grain had been harvested by farmers, it had to be stored.

There were many granaries which were built above the ground on posts.

They were also stored underground in storage pits.

The pits were often around 2 – 3 metres deep!

Thousands of these pits have been found.

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8. People lived in hill forts.

Hill forts were where people lived.

They were on top of a hill so that they could see when enemies were approaching.

There were lots of houses and the forts were almost like little towns.

They were surrounded by ditches and wooden walls to make it harder for their enemies to attack.

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9. The average life expectancy was 25 years.

Back in the Iron Age, the life expectancy wasn’t very long.

The average life expectancy was around 25 years old.

In the UK, the current average is around 81 years old.

Due to our healthcare and medicines, it has kept us much healthier for longer.

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10. Board games might have been played.

It is believed that people in the Iron Age used board games as one of their forms of entertainment.

In some of the Iron Age burial sites, glass game pieces have been found.

This shows that board games might have been around back then!

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