5 Easter Eggs to look out for in Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory!

There are tonnes of secrets in the movie!

Are you going to see Finding Dory in the cinema?

Well if you do, make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

We had a chat with the Director & Producer of Finding Dory, Andrew Stanton & Lyndsey Collins on the Fun Kids Breakfast Show and they told us about 5 secret easter eggs that we should look out for.

Can you spot them all?


A113 A113 refers to a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts. This was where many of the animators at Pixar and Disney discovered their genius! A113 is sneakily dropped in to loads of Pixar films. Can you spot the A113 reference in Finding Dory?


Pizza Planet Truck The Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story is hidden in every Pixar film (apart from The Incredibles). Andrew & Lyndsey have confirmed that it makes an appearance somewhere in Finding Dory!


Cars 3. It’s Pixar tradition to leave an easter egg related to their next big feature release. So keep an eye out for the Cars 3 easter egg, which is hidden in a scene that you wouldn’t expect!


Darla Darla Sherman is the crazy dentist’s daughter from Finding Nemo. She’s the notorious fish killer with the terrifying braces! According to Andrew & Lyndsey, Darla makes a cameo in a scene in Finding Dory!


Secret Scene Don’t be in a rush to leave the cinema when the credits begin to roll! Andrew & Lyndsey have told us that there is a secret scene after the credits finish! So sit back down and finish off that pick ‘n’ mix.

Listen to the full chat with Andrew and Lyndsey by hitting play in the player above!

You can catch Finding Dory in cinemas from Friday 29th July!

Check out the trailer below…

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