Sean chats to Sean Szeles – the creator of Long Live the Royals on Cartoon Network!

The mini-series starts this week at 6pm!

There’s a ridiculously regal new series starting this week on Cartoon Network!

It’s called Long Live the Royals and follows a modern-day royal family who live in an old-fashioned world!

Sean from the Fun Kids Breakfast show caught up with another Sean – Sean Szeles, the creator!

He wanted to find out more about Long Live the Royals and get some tips for any budding animators out there.

The mini-series shows the Royal family preparing for the annual Yule Hare Festival – a special event with delicious food, singing forest men and exciting frights!

Each episode examines a different family member, from Queen Eleanor’s insecurity over her loud beastly snoring to Princess Rosalind’s desire to be a ‘normal teenager’ who goes out to parties!

Top actress Jane Horrocks provides the voice of Queen Eleanor and you can see her preparing for the role in the video below!

It’s a proper funny show about living a modern life in medieval times!

Long Live the Royals premieres on Tuesday 6th September at 6pm and continues Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night at the same time!

To catch-up on any episodes you’ve missed, click here to watch on the Cartoon Network website!

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