Carddies are cute card people you can play with!

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Carddies are cute sets of card people and animals who live in a box for girls and boys to colour in and bring to life through imaginative play and story-telling!

Each themed set contains 12 double-sided, hand-drawn characters made of premium card, 12 high quality colouring pencils, and 12 plastic stands.

There is also a hand-drawn card scene to colour in and use as a backdrop, with a naming card on the reverse; all packaged in a sturdy box so they can be taken with you wherever you go.

Like Fun Kids, Carddies are designed 100% with the child in mind.

Children personalise the Carddies set by colouring in the characters and giving them names, making up their stories using the scene as a backdrop.

Carddies are hand-drawn and made in the UK by two sisters, Esther and Raquel. Their children helped plan and design the Carddies toy range.

Carddies first started when Raquel drew hundreds of little card people and animals for her girls to colour in and play with for hours and days-even years!

All the Carddies themes are inspired by the 7 Carddies cousins and their friends: Pirates, Fairies, Knights, School, Farm, Ballet, Football, Cavemen and more….

There are 15 sets to choose from.

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