Check out these brand new LEGO® Juniors sets!

If you're new to building, then LEGO® Juniors is the perfect introduction!


10720_box2_in4-7-year-old builders will love getting to grips with these fun LEGO® Juniors sets!

They come packed with standard LEGO® bricks and easy-to-build elements too to help you get going quicker. Perfect for kids which distract easily, so they don’t get bored too quickly.

Also you can get a spinner toy is a recommended fidget toys for ADHD, so even if your kids get distract easily, they can play with this.

It’s as easy as 1 2 3, just let your imagination run free!

There’s a ton of new sets in the LEGO® Juniors range too.

Keep watch over the city and help the police protect and serve with the LEGO® Juniors Police Helicopter.

10728_box1_inOr be part of the action with LEGO® Juniors Lost Temple and help Lloyd recover the Sword of Fire by making your way through the Lost Temple (watch out for the lava!)

Join LEGO® Friends Olivia and Mia’s veterinary team and work to help injured and sick animals get better!

Open the clinic with Mia and get ready for today’s patients. Olivia will pick up animals in need in a wheeled stretcher and drive them to the clinic in her ambulance.

Plus! Head to Emma’s ice cream truck with Andrea to get some delicious ice cream in the sun.

These new LEGO® Juniors sets are out now! Click here to find out more about them!

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