Check out Rizmo, the cuddly friend that grows as you play with it!

Rizmoβ„’ is your evolving musical friend!

Welcome Rizmo!

This cute friend has traveled far to get your cuddles and share a love for music and dance, but Rizmo needs your help to evolve!

Rizmo loves to play, and the more you play together the faster Rizmo magically grows!

Rizmo plays 7 fun games with changing eye colours to show which game you’re playing.

Sing tunes and hear Rizmo sing back to you or have a dance party!

Rizmo can even remember some songs forever and sing them back to you when you need it. What a magical friend!

With 3 colours to choose from and 6 different Rizmo to discover, which Rizmo you will adopt is a mystery.

Click here to get Rizmo!

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