Check out SuperZings by Magic Box, the new collectable toys!

Find out more about them below!

If you like action figures and collectables, you’re going to love SuperZings!

They’re the new mini-figures that inhabit the world of Kaboom City. Each SuperZing has its own superhero cape and mask and there are over 80 of them to collect!

Each character also has an arch enemy rival – find heroic Orange ‘Mr C’ and you’ll want to match him with the villainous juice squeezer ‘Jack The Juicer’!

Discover Stomper the heroic trainer and look out for evil Badnana the banana!

There are even rare silver and gold SuperZings to find and even an ultra rare and mysterious Enigma SuperZing to try and discover…

SuperZings all live together and have adventures in Kaboom City. You can buy ‘blind bags’ each containing a SuperZing for just 80p.

Of course, all good SuperZings live in secret Hideouts, which cost £1.50, and drive Supercars, which cost £2.50.

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There’s even a starter pack with a full comic guide to explain everything that you need to know about the characters, their rivals and special powers and the adventures they are having!

If that wasn’t enough, huge blister packs and extra toys, like the Kaboom Trap, are also available.

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