Check out Ruby Redfort: Blink And You Die!

Say goodbye to the secret agent!

Ruby Redfort isn’t your typical 13-year-old…

She’s a member of the super-secret spy agency Spectrum!

An undercover agent, code-cracker and genius, you can always count on Ruby to know what to do in a crisis.

The latest bookΒ Blink And You Die is the mind- blowing conclusion to the thrilling series by award-winning author Lauren Child!

All good things come to an end… Ruby Redfort is running scared, a whole bunch of people want her dead and worst of all one of them is on her team.

But just who is this agent of doom?rubybook

You can run, Ruby, but you can’t hide…

Say goodbye to Ruby Redfort: every smart kid’s smart kid.

The sixth instalment is packed with all the off-the-wall humour, action and friendship that have made this super-awesome teen detective series a smash hit!

Ruby Redfort: Blink And You Die is out now! Click here to get your copy!

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