Check out YO-KAI WATCH©!

It's a brand new RPG game for Nintendo 3DS!

charming1If you’re a gaming fan, make sure you check this out! Sean’s been playing a new RPG game on Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS. It’s called YO-KAI WATCH© and it’s out right now. Click here to find out more!

Do you ever forget something you were about to say, but have no idea why? Do you wonder why you feel really cold, even when it’s warm outside? WELL, it might be because a sneaky Yo-kai is around! Yo-kai are usually invisible, but you can see them if you have a special watch.

nateMeet Nate! He’s a normal boy, but he’s got the special watch that lets him see Yo-kai. It was given to him by a Yo-kai called Whisper, who he found sealed in a rock in the woods. Whisper is a “Yo-kai butler” and wants to teach Nate all about Yo-kai, whether Nate likes it or not!

One of the first Yo-kai Nate discovers is Jibanyan, who looks like a cat. When he’s not lying around eating chocolate bars (yum!), Jibanyan likes to practice his fighting moves on passing trucks – which doesn’t usually end very well!

brave3And if you’re feeling brave, perhaps it’s because Blazion is about! The king of beasts with a mane of fire, Blazion is a hot-blooded Yo-kai that fills people with fiery enthusiasm and makes people competitive!

YO-KAI WATCH© is really funny, with HUNDREDS of quests, and real-time battles. It’s perfect for all ages!

You can get a free demo of YO-KAI WATCH© at the Nintendo e-shop, remember you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection, permission from your parents and the registration of a Nintendo Network ID. Click here to find out more! 

YO-KAI WATCH© is out right now on Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS. Click here to find out more!

Sean’s been taking a look at the game, watch his video here:

If you could make your own Yo-kai, what would it be and why? Comment below!

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