Control and program your own moving robot with Mind Designer!

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Clementoni’s new Mind Designer is a super cool robot that can help you learn maths, geometry and more!

This robot can be programmed to move around a game board or by voice recognition. That means you can experiment with coding and play interactive games!

The robot even has a load of different modes. There’s the Free Mode, which lets you move MIND however you want.

There’s a mode where you can play with coding and tell MIND what its mission is. MIND will work out where it is on the play boards and then respond to your commands.

In app mode,ย  you can create, save and modify your programmed sequences and play with the animals tangram puzzle to unlock new designs. You can even draw freehand by simply tracing your finger across the screen.

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For grown-ups, MIND has different screens so that its use can be adapted to the context, like school and home, and the activity, plugged or unplugged, individual or group, autonomous or guided, can also be set!

You can program MIND through its keypad, voice commands that it recognises, or using its dedicated visual programming application for smartphones and tablets.

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