Five things that were totally amazing in 2017!

Check out the list below!

2017 has been a year of totally amazing things!

We had cool new crazes, alien asteroids and really far away spacecrafts!

Musicians gave us some awesome new music, some of which we’re playing on Fun Kids, and loads of authors came to chat with us!

But what five things from 2017 beat all of the rest?

Slime became the coolest thing…

Sticky, sloppy, slippery and, well, slimey! Slime was one of the coolest things in 2017.

We shared recipes so you could make your own and even gave away huge slime-making kits!

Of course, there are loads of different ways you can make slime, including with pom-poms…

…Fidget Spinners were also popular!

Fidget spinners dominated playground chat in 2017 too. Literally everyone had one!

There were loads of different types, colours, and styles, including fidget cubes.

There was a total solar eclipse in America

The Sun vanishing from the sky is a pretty big thing!

It lasted for a little less than three minutes but in order to see it properly, you needed to be in the right place.

That was the ‘Path of Totality‘, a 70-mile strip of land in the United States of America.

Click here to see photos of the eclipse!

Sean hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube!

Sean’s been working on his YouTube channel for a couple of years now and has had some super famous stars on it.

John Cena paid him a visit earlier this year as well as Sasha Banks and Finn Balor!

Click here to visit Sean’s channel!

Ed Sheeran had nine of top 10 singles!

Ed’s latest record, Divide, became the fastest selling male album of all time, a week after it was released!

All 16 songs entered the top 20 and nine were in the top 10.

TCS and Coldplay were the only other act to feature in the same week, but Sheeran said he wasn’t bothered by their seventh spot…

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