Get Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled tips from an expert!

Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Top Tips from Thomas Wilson!

Sean got the chance to play the new remake of Crash Team Racing at a Go-Karting event in London earlier this week!

Check out the video above!

The game is a remake of Crash Team Racing, which was originally made in 1999!

Sean even got some Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Top Tips from Thomas Wilson – read those below!

Tip 01: Choose a character that suits your level

There are three different play styles in Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – beginner, intermediate and expert.

Players should choose their characters based on their skills in the game and the difficulty of the tracks they want play.

  • Beginner: For newbies to the game or on tracks that have a lot of difficult turns, beginner characters are easier to control but don’t have the highest speeds
  • Intermediate: For players comfortable with the game but who haven’t quite mastered the mechanics, these characters are faster than beginners but not as fast as experts 
  • Expert: For seasoned pros or risk takers that have mastered the drift and boost mechanic, expert drivers can achieve max speeds 

Top 02: Get a boost at the start of the race!

To get a boost at the start of the game, players should pay attention to the lights. Wait for the noise and the final green light – that’s when you should hit the boost. 

There is a meter at the bottom of the screen that indicates how the boost is filling up as you hit the gas button – players need to wait for that bar to be in the red zone to get a boost. 

Tip 03: Use power-ups to your advantage 

There is a load of cool pick-ups in each track but a couple of fun favourites are: 

  • Aku Mask – you become invincible and get an extra boost of speed 
  • Rolling Bombs – involve some time management but if timed correctly you can wipe out other players by throwing forwards or backwards
  • Tracking Missiles – like the rolling bombs you can use these to get ahead while getting rid of the competition 

Top 04: Lose players who are up your tail 

Using power-ups like the beaker, a rolling bomb or a TNT crate will help get rid of players on your tail. These will work even better if you collect Wumpa Fruits along the way – once you hit ten, your power ups become more effective. 

Tip 05: Only use shortcuts when you’re comfortable doing so

Shortcuts can be an excellent advantage to help you get ahead in the race – but only if you’re comfortable doing so and you have the right power-ups to manage it. It can be risky if you miss a jump or don’t have the power-ups to make it, so make sure you’re prepared or you could lose precious seconds in the race. 

Tip 06: Look out for Easter Eggs!

Be sure to pay attention when you’re racing… every track in the game has a hidden Easter Egg, if you’re able to find them!

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