Get hands-on with Beaker CreaturesĀ® from Learning ResourcesĀ®!

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Amazing hands-on science experiments that you can do at home!

Meet Beaker Creatures crazy creatures, smart science!

After traveling through space in Reactor Pods, the Beaker Creatures have landed on Earth in search of science adventures!

Within each mysterious Reactor Pod lurks tiny travellers from distant planets whoā€™ve come to Earth in search of learning fun.

Beaker Creatures combine the thrill of collecting with hands-on science experiments that spark curiosity for children as young as five!

To reveal the Creature, place the Reactor Pod in water using either the Liquid Reactor Super Lab or the Whirling Wave Reactor, triggering an amazing fizzing, bubbling reaction that reveals a Beaker Creature.

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You’ll love extracting them from their Reactor pods, identifying them with the classification card and exploring their worlds with fun facts and cool experiments.

Beaker Creatures sets double as working lab sets, complete with included science experiments that encourage hands-on learning.

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