Have a healthier breakfast with the new Be Food Smart food scanner app from Change4Life!

You'll be surprised what's in your food!

We’re all eating too much sugar, saturated fat and salt.

That’s why there’s a brand-new Be Food Smart app to help you make healthier food and drink choices!

The app is all about being smart about food and it’s got a super cool barcode scanner that lets you scan food packets to see how much bad stuff there is inside!

Just find a food or drink barcode and get scanning! You might be surprised by what you find!

There are also mini-missions for you to complete as you go along.

You’ll also find loads of tips and tricks to help you make healthier choices, plus food detective activities.

It’s free, fun to use and you’ll be surprised what’s in some foods!

At the moment, children in England consume half the daily recommended sugar intake before the morning school bell rings.

That’s 11g of sugar at breakfast time alone, equivalent to almost three sugar cubes. 

Some of the main sources of sugar at breakfast time include sugary cereals, drinks, and spreads, which contribute to an unhealthy diet.

Sean and Robot have been finding out more about unhealthy breakfasts.

Click play at the top of the page to hear how they got on!

Click here to find out more about how to Be Food Smart!

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