Holiday Village Efteling Loonsche Land open now at Efteling Theme Park, Holland!

There's a new place to stay when you vist Efteling!

After a magical day full of adventures in Efteling,¬†it’s time to head to bed!

Just a stone’s throw away from the park is the¬†new holiday village¬†Efteling Loonsche Land! Opened on the 31st May 2017, the same day as Eftelings 65th anniversary!

Hidden among the greenery, you’ll find a hotel and cosy¬†holiday houses – some high up in the trees and some covered by dune sand and heather.¬†You’ll be¬†at¬†one with nature!

Of course, if you stay the night at Efteling it includes unlimited access to the theme park so you can pop back in the morning!

Efteling is Europe‚Äôs third largest theme park¬†as is¬†packed with cool fairytale attractions¬†for everyone! It’s just an hour from Amsterdam and super easy to get to from the UK, whether you choose to fly or take the ferry!

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Find out more about what to expect at Efteling Loonsche Land

Holiday homes

You cannot get closer to nature than in these 65 simply furnished wooden Woodland, Heathland and Dune Houses, which can accommodate 6 to 12 people.

The House Woodland is aboveground, the House Heathland and House Dune are partly hidden underground. The landscape continues over the roof, so you have a genuine feeling of sleeping underground.

Inside you feel totally in the middle of nature. A warm and cosy atmosphere with a lot of wood, and natural materials and colours. With curtains which separate the rooms, and rustic looking but comfortable furniture.

You can spend a lovely few days here, enjoying Efteling and nature district the Loonsche Land.

Loonsche Land Hotel

Guests requiring more comfort and preferring a central location, choose for a stay in the Loonsche Land Hotel.

The 75 elegantly furnished 5 and 6 person rooms are equipped with everything needed for a relaxed night’s rest. The hotel also has adapted and wheelchair-friendly rooms.

Staying in the Loonsche Land Hotel includes breakfast in restaurant) De Proeftuyn.

Themed rooms

Do you want something really special? Then choose one of the 20 special themed rooms located outside the hotel.

Enjoy the comfort of a hotel as well as the privacy of your own holiday home. Here you will find all ingredients for a carefree night’s rest. The themed rooms are suitable for 4 to 6 people, and stand alone in nature. And what about comfort?

When staying in one of the themed rooms you have your breakfast in Restaurant De Proeftuyn in the Loonsche Land Hotel.

Tree view

Stay between the treetops in these special themed hotel rooms suitable for 4 to 6 people. These themed rooms, on high stilts, have their own veranda and are connected to each other by means of wooden footbridges.

Dune view

Spend the night in these special themed rooms with small terrace and view of the dunes, suitable for 6 people. These themed rooms have, apart from comfortable beds, a small own veranda.

Water view

These unique themed rooms stand on stilts in the water. In these rooms, 6 people can sleep in comfortable beds, looking out over the large lake from your own wooden terrace.

House Woodland

Stay with a large group in the charming 2 floor House Woodland with its thatched roof.

This (group) accommodation offers accommodation for 12 persons, just like the largest houses, but it is more spacious thanks to the 2 floors. House Woodland also has a warm and cosy atmosphere thanks to the use of wood, natural materials and heavy curtains which separate the rooms.

The view from this spacious holiday home is well worth it, you overlook the sheep pasture with some animals.

In House Woodland you can stay for a wonderful couple of days while enjoying Efteling and nature district the Loonsche Land.

Restaurant De Proeftuyn

The guests of Holiday village Efteling Loonsche Land can use Restaurant De Proeftuin for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for a drink. At the rustic bar you can recover from a day in Efteling and enjoy an aperitif and nibbles.

The restaurant is lively, thanks to the open kitchen and colourful varied furniture. Locally sourced produce is used, and the chefs get their herbs and vegetables from the restaurant’s own vegetable plot.

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