Sean and Bex go on the brand new Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy ride at Efteling Theme Park in the Netherlands!

The ride has been 10 years in the making...

If you’ve never been to Efteling or don’t know what it is, it’s basically a massive, magical, mystical theme park. Everything is all about myths, legends, faries, and fables!

The theme park is full of big rollercoasters and small attractions so it’s perfect for both daredevils and families…

Now, there’s a new ride at Efteling Theme Park, and it’s called Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy

Fun Kids presenters Sean and Bex were one of the first groups of people to ever go on the ride. Check out their video above.

Symbolica takes you on an adventure through the magical, hidden rooms of the Palace. You even get to control the ride yourself, choosing one of three different routes.

Each route has a totally different adventure with different interactive elements through the Palace of Fantasy.

You might even be lucky enough to get an audience with the King, or be jostled by the jester!

Let yourself be led along the secret corridors through into magical rooms and be amazed time after time!

The ride is called a ‘dark ride’, which is similar to a lot of scary ghost trains!

It’s called a dark ride because you’re not supposed to know what happens, but sometimes we all like spoilers…

Here’s a video about how the new ride was made.

It took over 35 million euros to build, and was in planning for over ten years! That’s probably older than a lot of its riders!

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