Ride George and the Dragon (Joris en de Draak) rollercoaster at Efteling Theme Park Resort in 360° video!

It's like you're actually there!

If you’re looking for a magical holiday, make sure your family knows about Efteling Theme Park Resort in Holland! 

It’s Europe’s third largest theme park as is packed with cool fairytale attractions for everyone!

One of our favourite rides is the George and the Dragon rollercoaster (or Joris en de Draak if you speak Dutch)!

We’ve got an amazing 360° video so you can ride it from the comfort of your own home!

The king calls upon the bravest citizens to ride the double-track coaster and slay the dragon that terrorises the kingdom!

Warriors must choose which track to take – whether to hunt the beast down with water or fire!

Only those who succeed will be honored after a ride on this wooden racer!

If you really dare, why not brave it in person by visiting Efteling? It’s just an hour from Amsterdam and super easy to get to from the UK, whether you choose to fly or take the ferry!

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