Visit KidZania London, an indoor city run by Kids for Kids!

Explore the interactive city in London!

KidZania is the indoor city run by kids! It’s packed with real-life activities and all the jobs in the city are done by kids!

You can make food, train to be a pilot, become a firefighter and even train as a vet!

Kids receive kidZos (KidZanian currency) on their way in and can earn more by going to work or they can spend on some of the activities within the city!

Grown-ups can spy on what’s going on from outside the activities or if the child is aged 8 years or older then the adults can drop them off and go shopping in Westfield, it’s so safe!

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You also have the option to open your own personal savings account at the Central Bank of KidZania meaning you’ll receive your own bank card which you can use to pay for activities or have your salaries wired directly to your account!

The best thing about having an account is it even gains interest, so you can earn extra kidZos between visits!

Click here to find out more about KidZania!

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