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Mindful Monsters has landed! They’re the activity cards that encourage you to focus on mindfulness.

Each card contains an activity that’s designed to help you relax, concentrate, get creative, or be positive!

Mindfulness is simply the art of being in the present – paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, moment by moment.

Many people have found that when we pause for a bit and pay attention, we improve our focus, achieve a sense of calm and have a better overall sense of wellbeing.

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Subscribe and each month you’ll get a pack of seven activity cards to enjoy with a grown-up.

In your first pack, you’ll get seven exciting activity cards, some cool monster stickers and a parent’s guide to Mindful Monsters.

There are 84 cards in total so in your second pack, you’ll get a box to keep them all in.

Sign up to Mindful Monsters and each month you’ll hear from Scope. That’s a charity that provides support and advice to disabled people and their families.

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