What problems do people go to the opticians for?

It's National Eye Health Week so we're taking a look at some of the biggest problems your eyes face!

This week, it’s National Eye Health Week (19 – 25 September) so there’s another chance to hear Hallux’s i-Guide on Fun Kids – all this week from 5pm!

Professor Hallux is exploring the opticians to find out what cool things go on and just how our eyes actually work! After all, eyes are probably one of the most clever parts in your body!

They need a lot of attention though, which is why the opticians is there to help out!

Here are some of the¬†problems people go to the opticians¬†for…

Colour blindness

Lots of people have some form of colour blindness, which is where you can;t¬†tell the difference between certain colours. Some people don’t even know they are colour blind until visiting the opticians!


Floaters are translucent debris that you can see in front of you through your eye. They’re usually harmless but if they start affecting your sight or you see big, black spots then it’s worth getting your eyes checked out.

Short sightedness

You might need glasses without even knowing it. That’s why it’s always worth getting a eye test! Plus, lots of opticians offer free checks for children so it won’t cost your mum and dad a penny.

Laser pointers

If you’ve ever seen a spy film, you’ll know lasers are something worth avoiding. It’s extremely dangerous to point laser pens at anyone or anything as these can cause serious damage to your eyes.

Contact lens problems

If you wear contact lenses then make sure you take care and keep them clean! Putting lens directly in your eyes is obviously a pretty easy way for dirt to get in there.

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