Show us your World Book Day costume!

Get some inspiration for your World Book Day costume and send us yours!

It’s World Book Day on Thursday, 2nd March!

We have put together some of our favourite costumes. Send us yours below and you might feature on the Fun Kids website!

Get some inspiration below…

1. Jamie McFlair

Jamie McFlair is a courageous young heroine.

She is the main character in Sean Thorne and Luke Franks’ Jamie McFlair book series.

Jamie stars in Jamie McFlair Vs The Boyband Generator and the brand new book Jamie McFlair Vs The Ultimate Brain Hack.

Grab a red t-shirt, jeans and a pair of trainers! For extra detail you could write the name of Jamie’s band on the front – BNA! (make sure it’s an old one!)

For bonus points you could find a wig for Jamie’s trademark red hair!

2. Harry Potter

Enter the world of wizarding! These listeners have dressed up as Harry Potter.

You will need a black robe, glasses… and don’t forget about Hedwig and your wand!

You won’t be able to do any spells otherwise!

3. Room on the Broom witch

Do you want to be a bit spooky?!

You could dress as the Room on the Broom witch from Julia Donaldson’s book!

Grab your broom, wand and witches hat and you’ll be casting spells in no time.

4. Princess Jasmine

Dress up as Princess Jasmine – or any Disney Princess!

Princess Jasmine is from Aladdin.

She wears a turquoise top and harem trousers.

You could even find a magic carpet…

We love this costume from our listener Lyla.

Here is Sophie dressed up as Belle.

Her brother Joshua is dressed up as Captain America. See below for another superhero idea!

5. Iron Man

Unleash your favourite comic book superhero!

Iron Man has superhuman strength, durability and flight.

Teddy is in the picture below, about to use his powers!

6. Elmer the Elephant

If you love elephants and bright colours then this one is for you!

Elmer the Elephant is a favourite.

All you need is bright coloured squares and big elephant ears.

7. Fred from Tabby McTat

Tabby McTat is a book by Julia Donaldson.

Tabby McTat is purr-fectly happy, singing along all day with Fred the busker.

But when Fred gives chase to a thief, the two are separated. Will they ever find each other again?

A heart-warming story of friendship, loyalty – and kittens!

Check out Myla’s Tabby McTat costume below.

8. Ace of Spades

Curiouser and curiouser!

Alfie has dressed up as an Ace of Spades from Alice in Wonderland!

9. Adi from Swarm Rising

Swarm Rising by astronaut Tim Peake is an action-adventure space book!

Adi (Alien Digital Intelligence) can bend the laws of physics and control digital data, but as a digital being she wants to know what it’s like to be human.

10. Oliver Twist

Please sir, I want some more!

You guessed it, it’s Oliver Twist.

Oliver Twist is from a famous novel by Charles Dickens.

Look at Keira’s outfit below!

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