Top back to school tips with The Truth Pixie Goes to School!

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Starting a new school, or even just moving up a year, can be a pretty big deal!

There’s loads to be excited and happy about. You’ll meet new friends and learn loads of cool stuff.

Don’t worry if you’re nervous though! Big changes mean you’ll also feel different and it’s normal to feel those butterflies for your first few days!

To help you get over that nervous feeling, we’ve put together a collection of top back to school tips with our friend, The Truth Pixie!

If you didn’t know, the Truth Pixie is cursed to tell the truth! She’s 100% fib free!

The newest book in the series is called The Truth Pixie Goes to School. In it, the new term has begun, Aada is starting school and The Truth Pixie is going with her: what’s the worst that can happen?

Tip #1: Everyone is different and that’s okay!

Embrace everyone’s differences! Some of your classmates might be great at drawing or love reading whilst others want to play lots of sport. This is great and everyone’s diverse personalities will mean you can learn about lots of different things from different people.

Tip #2: Lend a helping hand!

If you see someone struggling in their first few days off school, maybe go over and introduce yourself, ask them about their weekend and see if there is anything you can help with to make them feel more at ease.

Tip #3: Help other people understand.

When playing big group games, some people might not know the rules or understand how to play. What can be really helpful is explaining them in a way that’s friendly and calm. This way they won’t feel silly or intimidated.

Tip #4: Ask for directions!

New schools can be a bit tricky to navigate. There lots of classrooms and hallways. Teachers will always be happy to help you find your way so don’t worry about asking them. In no time you’ll know where to go and be helping others.

Tip #5: Just be yourself!

Everyone in your new class will be a little nervous and experiencing lots of changes. Be friendly as you never know what they might be feeling inside.

Tip #6: HAVE FUN!

School is great for learning about your favourite subjects. If you loved learning about science last year and over the summer holidays who knows what great whacky and crazy experiments you’ll learn about this year!

Tip #7: Take time for yourself.

Sometimes school can be really busy, lots of lessons and books to remember. So stay hydrated and drink lots of water, maybe even pack a healthy snack.

What are your back to school tips?

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