On tour with Trevor and Jordan!

They’re the stars of The Next Step live show and the choreographers too!


Tell us about The Next Step Wild Rhythm Tour. What can we expect?


The tour is a chance for every fan of The Next Step to experience a live concert dance show performed by their favourite cast members. Anyone who loves The Next Step, or even just dance, would definitely enjoy it!


There is something for everyone in this show! Everyone has a great time whether you are a grandparent, a parent, a boy or a girl. You also get to know us a little more as ourselves rather than our characters, which I think is pretty awesome!


Tell us about a typical day on tour.


Sometimes we’ll check out the city we’re in or sometimes you just want to chill. As show time approaches, we have a sound check and warm-up. We then perform, which is the best part of the day!


I head to the gym then get ready. We do our tech run, our meet and greets, finish our hair and make-up then start warming up.


Why should we see the show?


The show is very unique and enjoyable! It’s not often that you get to see an entire DANCE show. Also, there are some hilarious parts you must see!


We have so much fun at our show and we love getting to meet all of you guys. Plus, you get to see all the cool things we do on TV in real life!


Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to be a dancer or choreographer?


If this is what you want to do, then you have to just do it all the time! There are so many different ways to move, the learning is endless.


Keep practising and try every dance style. Educate yourself!


Have you ever been performing a routine and forgotten your moves?


Definitely. Ha ha! It happens. Sometimes you just forget. But you’ve just got to keep moving.


Yes, you can usually recover really quickly. The trick is not to show people that you made a mistake!


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