Favourite dinosaur results with Jurassic World: The Exhibition!

The results are in...

We want to find out your FAVOURITE dinosaur because it’s time to head through the world-famous Jurassic World gates! We’re stepping back in time to the age of the dinosaurs!

JURASSIC WORLD: THE EXHIBITION is an immersive experience based on one of the BIGGEST blockbusters in cinema history and will be landing in London on August 25th, 2022 at ExCeL London!

You will encounter LIFE-SIZED dinosaurs and explore the prehistoric world. Have an up-close look at a Velociraptor, stand in awe under a towering Brachiosaurus and encounter the most fearsome of them all… the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex!

Tickets to Jurassic World: The Exhibition are on sale now.

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You have been voting for your favourite dinosaur of ALL TIME! The results are in…

1st Place: Tyrannosaurus rex
2nd Place: Triceratops
3rd Place: Diplodocus
4th Place: Stegosaurus
5th Place: Brachiosaurus

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