Check out this giant 14ft digital head, part of an art installation in America called As We Are!

The head projects selfies to the art gallery crowd.

How many selfies do you think the whole world takes every year? Google reckons it could be as high as 24 billion!

One artist in America has paid tribute to our selfie-taking by building a giant head-shaped TV screen.

Covered in 3,000 ultra-bright LED ribbons wrapped around a head-shaped skeleton, the model forms a permanent installation called ‘As We Are’.

Visitors to the exhibit step into a special photo-booth kitted out with over 29 HD cameras which help create a realistic 3D selfie.

Who invented the selfie?

Once a photo is taken, there’s a short wait before it’s broadcast on the screen for all to see!

The exhibit can store up to 100,000 different selfies and although it faces inside during the day, workers turn it around so the giant head faces out on to the road in the night!

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The art installation, which cost around Β£1 million, is called ‘As We Are’ and is now on permanent show atΒ the Columbus Convention Center.

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