Fireman Sam™: Norman Price and the Mystery in the Sky

Premiering in the UK on Cartoonito, Saturday 5th December at 5pm

When Joe invents a new super battery, it catches the attention of Professor Polonium and her trusted but rather silly sidekick Dr Crumpton. Like all good villains, they seek only to better their self-image and want to be the centre of attention.  After stealing the super new battery, Dr Crumpton stages a series of accidents across the village so the Professor can sweep in to save the day. Now everyone in Pontypandy thinks they have their own comic book hero, who they affectionately name Flying-Man. 

Norman is understandably captivated and wants a suit just like it – especially as his Norman-Man Pants have a hole in them! With Norman-Man and Atomic Boy (James) on the case to find this mystical flying suit, it’s not long before they uncover Polonium and Crumpton’s lair. In no time at all, Norman is flying all over the village. But Professor Polonium will stop at nothing to get her suit back, including firing up her totally untested and upgraded version of the flying suit, threatening to destroy Pontypandy if Norman-Man doesn’t turn himself in. 

While Professor Polonium is wreaking havoc on Pontypandy, the untested suit malfunctions and ends up blasting all over the village causing lots of fires. Can the firefighters save Pontypandy and extinguish the flames? And will Norman finally get a chance to become a real-life hero as he’s always wanted to be?

Denise van Outen will voice the character of Professor Polonium in the new feature-length special ‘Fireman Sam™: Norman Price and the Mystery in the Sky,’ which premieres in the UK on Cartoonito, Saturday 5th December at 5pm

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