New Scout badge: Fundraising with GoFundMe!

Find out how to earn the badge here!

If you’re a Scouts member, we’ve got some really huge news for you!

There’s going to be a brand new badge up for grabs and it’s all to do with fundraising.

The Fundraising badge is for Scouts and Explorers. To earn it, you’re encouraged to identify a good cause or charity and work together with your Leader to launch a fundraising campaign and raise some money!

You could raise money for wildlife or climate change charities or for a charity in your local area, perhaps fundraising for new equipment in your local park!

All of this is thanks to the fundraising website GoFundMe who will be providing hints and tips to help Scout leaders achieve their goal and share them online.

There have been a number of new Scout badges in the last year including one for British Science Week. There are also badges for Geocaching, making a positive community impact, and for making things online!

As an activity badge, the new Fundraising badge will go on the left arm of your uniform.

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