Today is Guinness World Records Day! Here’s some records that have been broken so far…

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Today (Thursday 8th November 2018) is Guinness World Records day!

That’s a day dedicated to the making and breaking of records around the world.

Guinness World Record Day encourages you to stretch the ends of human endurance and creativity and set that new world record…

2018 marks the 14th year of the annual celebration which commemorates the day in 2004 when Guinness World Records became the world’s bestselling annual book!

Here in the UK, artist Livi Gosling and charity YoungMinds have created the Largest UV blacklight painting! Check it out – it’s an enormous painting that raises awareness about young people’s mental health.

It took ten hours and eighty litres of paint to complete.

Also in the UK, records for the ‘Most ping pong (table tennis) balls bounced against a wall with the mouth in 30 seconds’ was broken…

Further afield, serial record breakers the Harlem Globetrotters achieved 6 more record titles, including the Farthest back somersault basketball shot at an impressive 17.71 meters!

Extreme wheelchair athlete, Aaron Fotheringham got the Tallest quarter pipe drop-in on a wheelchair (8.4m), Farthest wheelchair ramp jump (21.35m) and Highest wheelchair hand plant (8.4m) records in the US!

In China, the Fastest time to solve a Rubik’s cube upside down has also been achieved by Que Jianyu with a time of 15.84 seconds!

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