Chicks hatching and little lamb twins in Anna Louise’s Mini Farm update!

Anna Louise tells us what's been happening on her farm this week!

When she’s not talking on the radio, Anna Louise helps out on her mini farm!

There are loads of animals on the farm – lambs, chicks, dogs… and miniature horses! Spring is upon us so here’s what’s been going on…

Lamb twins!

Lambing continues on the farm, now with four sets of twins!

Here’s Pirate, the mini sheep, with her mini twins on a grizzly, wet spring morning.

And here’s Sandy enjoying a warm & sunny spring afternoon with her lambs!

Look what I found!

Last week I went country walking…and found a bivouac!

It’s a temporary camp without tents or cover, usually made with natural materials and used by soldiers and mountaineers! Look how layered the wood is…

Chicks are coming!

The chicks are hatching!

Five chicks and counting… a mix of miniature chickens called bantams & layers chickens. How cute are they?!

You can hear Anna Louise every weekend from 3pm on Fun Kids!

She’ll have more updates from the farm and the best tunes!

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