Interview: Ben Miller chats to Bex about his new book, The Boy Who Made the World Disappear!

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There’s a brand new book from the author of The Night I Met Father Christmas, Ben Miller!

It’s called The Boy Who Made the World Disappear and it’s out right now and Bex spoke to Ben Miller all about it!

In the story, Harrison tries his best to be good. He doesn’t steal, he always shares with his sister and he never cheats at board games, but Harrison also has a BIG flaw…

He can’t control his temper!

So when he’s given a black hole instead of a balloon at a party, Harrison jumps at the chance to get rid of everything that makes him cross.

But when it’s not just things he hates that are disappearing into the black hole but things he loves, too, Harrison starts to realise that sometimes you should be careful what you wish for…

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