Spring on the mini-farm with Anna-Louise!

Anna's got guineapigs, baby lambs and more to tell you about!

New additions to the mini farm! Have you seen my new little Guineapigs Quirki & Chutney?

Chutney has a gorgeous splash of chestnut on her jet black coat of fur and Quirki has a Mohican-style hairstyle!

Which piggy is your favourite and who has the best hairdo?!

Comment down below! Does Quirki or Chutney have the best hairdo?

Did you know? When a Guineapig jumps up and down in excitement, it’s called popcorning!

As we head into summer… check out the lambs, who have been growing and developing – now 6 weeks old…!

Except for this little fellow who was completely unexpected – born just a week ago. These were the first photos we took of him – how cute is he?!

Lambing is over for another year – unless we have any more surprises!

Now we watch them grow, learn and play over the summer months.

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