Anna Louise’s miniature horses get a summer shave!

Anna Louise tells us what's been happening on her farm this week!

When she’s not talking on the radio, Anna Louise is helping out on her mini farm!

There are loads of animals on the farm, including lambs, chicks, dogs… and the famous miniature horses!

It’s been another busy week on the mini farm – so busy, that Anna Louise thought she’d treat the miniature horses to some pampering!

It can get really hot for the animals, especially in the heatwave, so Anna Louise booked Hilly the Horse Hairdresser to give the cheeky pair a makeover!

Check out Wilson’s transformation from a ball of fluff to beautiful beast!

They’ve had their thick winter coats shaved off and now they’re looking – and feeling – good for the summer!

And when Wilson’s horsey makeover was finished, guess what we found under all that fluff?!?

Wilson has “dapples!”

Dapples are spots or rounded markings seen on some horses’ coats but they only appear when a horse is really healthy and happy!

I think they’re ready for the beach, don’t you?!

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She’ll have more updates from the farm and the best tunes!

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