Kids Podcast Picks for the end of August

Picks for the w/c 27th August 2018

As the Summer holidays draw to a close, we’ve got another week of our top podcast picks. If you’ve got a show you love, tell us, and maybe we’ll add it here!

Story Quest: Wizards of Once

Cressida Cowell is the author behind the amazing How to Train a Dragon series and now the Wizards of Once books. Story Quest have got David Tennant reading the first book of the series over the next few episodes. Here you can listen to part 1.

Match of the Day Football Show: Michael Owen Interview

In this episode, it’s a Michael Owen special as Ketch catches up with the Man United, Liverpool, Real Madrid and England player. We find out about his top goals, the new Umbro Speciali boot and what its like living with Alan Shearer.

But Why: Why Do People Like Different Types of Music

But Why is an awesome podcast from Vermont in the US that takes kids’ questions and then answers them. The most recent episode touches on a question close to our heart here at Fun Kids Radio. It’s “why do people like different types of music?”

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Tumble: The Case of the Shrinking Laboratory

What if you could shrink your technology down to a size that’s 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair? It might sound like science fiction, but it’s not! In this episode, Romain Quidant shows us how he helped shrink an entire medical laboratory down to the size of a computer chip. The β€œlab on a chip” uses molecular mini-detectives to track down diseases hiding within a tiny drop of blood.

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Fun Kids Science Weekly: Why We Have Two Ears, Turtles & What It’s Like To Be A Vet!

In our Science Weekly it’s a packed show as Dan hears from Techno Mum and Professor Hallux plus Conor from Fun Kids interviews a star vet from CBBC’s The Pets Factor, so if you want to be a vet – this is the episode to listen to. AND… why do we need two ears instead of one?

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