This week’s top podcast picks for kids!

Picks for the w/c 13th August 2018

Whilst the Apple Podcast store is full of podcasts for grown ups, there’s also a growing number of brilliant kids podcasts from the UK, America and beyond. Here’s our pick of podcast episodes from this week. We’re listing some of the great things you can listen to from us, the children’s radio station Fun Kids, but also some of the other shows that we’re loving too.

Fun Kids Science Weekly: Loads of Sharks and a Deadly Fruit

In this episode, you’ll hear from Ken Collins, a marine scientist to find out why sharks are choosing to make the coasts of the UK their home. We also hear what software engineers do in their job and presenter Dan answers your questions, including “how do we measure space?”

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Wow in the World: An Eyebrow Evolution

In Wow in the World, Mindy and Raz tell us all about the amazing things that are all around us. In this episode we find out about the special roles eyebrows have had in our evolution. Yes, eyebrows! Kicking off with the Homo Heidelbergensi we discover that they had boney ridges rather than today’s luscious brows. But why do we have them now? Listen and find out!

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Fun Kids Book Club: David Solomons, Adrian Edmondson and Matt Brown!

It’s a Summer Holiday special in the Fun Kids book club as the podcast picks five books that are perfect for your holidays. Bex has also got a stellar line-up of top authors to talk to. She meets David Solomons who tells her about his book ‘My Arch Enemy is a Brain in a Jar’,  then she catches up with top comedian Adrian Edmondson and finds out about his new book ‘Junkyard Jack and the Horse that Talked’, and finally, Matt Brown comes into Fun Kids to shout about his book ‘Aliens Invaded my Talent Show’, and he also reads us a bit from it too.

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Story Pirates: I Lost The Clock Pieces

If you haven’t heard this podcast it’s a story one, but unlike many you listen to, all of these stories have been created by kids. They’re then acted out by professional actors and they add in some brilliant songs too. In this episode, there’s penguins, giraffes and some lost clock pieces!

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Fun Kids Gaming Show: Top Five Games That Changed My Life

In this episode, Sean, the presenter of the Fun Kids breakfast show and the man behind the popular YouTube channel N60Sean is telling us about the five gamers that changed his life. You’ll hear why Sonic, Pokemon, WWE and The Sims had such an impact on him growing up, and how they influenced what he likes today.

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What are you favourite podcasts?

Get in touch and tell us the podcasts that you’re loving and maybe we’ll feature them here!

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