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In this week’s episode, Conor’s finding out all about LEGO and their brand new show, LEGO Dreamzzz.

Plus, Georgia’s visiting a very special panel in London to chat about the brand new show.

LEGO Dreamzzz is a new LEGO show that focuses on the power of imagination and dreams becoming reality.

The show follows a group of school friends as they journey into the dream world.

They soon discover that the Dream World is under attack by the tyrannical Nightmare King and learn that every dream creature, dream realm and dreaming kid is in danger until the group can figure out a way to defeat him!

The show will be released on May 15th and will be available on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Sky, Netflix, and ITV X.

Plus, there’s even an epic competition where chosen participants for the world’s first Chief Dream Creator will be flown to Denmark to join a series of LEGO Dreamzzz workshops.

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